The Alma Latina Concert proposes a musical journey through the Mediterranean, a Mediterranean that crosses cultures, stories, sounds and, above all, a Latin Soul that is transported by sea, to the far reaches of South America.

We already listened to some of the songs, so now we face the surprise of listening to them again, now by a new voice, in which of what it is, and what it does. (think about “Homem do Leme” and “Hijo de La luna”).

New music to the new words. Some of them are part of the heritage, and it is a great responsibility to give them an interpretation (such as Piazzolla’s, Gardel’s, the famed Parlami Damore Mariu, Volare, Arrivevederci Roma,Granada, the beautiful Soneto IV by Guastavino, il Gladiatore). All of those are homages, including also Tomás Alcaide in “Gosto de Ti” and Luciano Pavarotti in “Valsa Buongiorno”, and it is a pleasure listening to them, for the simple reason that the singer has the same pleasure.

A crossover between a great lyrical Mozartian voice with the sounds of a classical guitar, together in an ensemble of remarkable national and international musicians, with backgrounds so diverse such as fado, jazz, tango, or classical.

Marta Carreiras’ cenography and Anabela Gaspar’s lights create a fantastic world made of colours and images, where Alma Latina finds the perfect scenery for Rui de Luna’s great voice.

Concerto para voz, piano, violino, violoncelo, contrabaixo, guitarra portuguesa, guitarra clássica, acordeão, saxofone, percussão e um artista convidado.