The Luso Concert proposes a musical journey through the great themes of Portuguese light music. Themes arranged for the voice of Rui de Luna and Orquestra. The debut of this great concert, directed by Maestro Délio Gonçalves, took place at the São Luiz Theater in Lisbon, in a memorable program with the Banda da Armada.

The journey includes themes by well-known Portuguese musicians, such as Trovante, Rádio Macau, GNR, Clan, Delfins, Ornantos Violeta, Amor Electro, Seventh Legion, Madredeus, Deolinda, Xutos e Pontapés, Paulo Gonzo, David Fonseca, João Pedro Pais, Mariza, Salvador Sobral and Pedro Abrunhosa.

Concerto para voz e orquestra ou banda militar.